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  • Street Art, Pop Art & Pop Culture Special

    Pop Art, Street Art, and Pop Culture are the themes of this auction special! The use of images and subjects from mass culture has evolved into a popular art form, thanks to pioneers like Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. Bid now and bring a real eye-catcher into your home!

    Want to offer an item in this Special?
    All artworks that fit within the theme are welcome to be offered in this auction special.

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    Street Art, Pop Art & Pop Culture Special
  • Paintings Special > 350 euros

    In this Special, modern, contemporary and classical paintings can be placed, including acrylic, oil paint, gouache or mixed media on, for example, board, panel or canvas, with a minimum opening bid of 350 euros.

    (Or offered from 1 euro with a minimum appraised value of 350 euros.)

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    Paintings Special > 350 euros
  • Exclusive Special (> 700 euro)

    A Special filled with exclusive works of art! All works offered in this Special have a minimum auction value of 700 euros.

    Would you like to offer an exclusive artwork? The works in the auction will be judged by the auctioneer whether they are not offered too expensive and meet a minimum appraised auction value of €700. The works can be offered with an opening bid €700 or higher. It is also permitted to start works from €1. The condition is therefore that the work has a minimum auction value of €700.

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    Exclusive Special (> 700 euro)
  • End-of-year sale

    The works in this End-of-year Sale Special are offered à tout prix, starting from 1 euro! There is no minimum auction value!

    (Works by unknown artists/designers are not allowed).

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    End-of-year sale
  • CoBrA Special

    This CoBrA Special is for all lovers of this revolutionary artists' movement!

    Would you like to place an item in this Special? The following artists are allowed:

    Netherlands: Karel Appel, Eugène Brands, Constant, Corneille, Jan Elburg, Gerrit Kouwenaar, Lucebert, Jan Nieuwenhuys, Anton Rooskens, Shinkichi Tajiri, Theo Wolvecamp, Bram Bogart, Lotti van der Gaag, Wim de Haan, Piet Ouborg, Bert Schierbeek, Dora Tuynman, Ferdi, Henny Riemens.

    Belgium: Pierre Alechinsky, Christian Dotremont, Joseph Noiret, Louis van Lint, Reinhoud, Raoul Ubac, Serge Vandercam.

    Denmark: Else Alfelt, Mogens Balle, Ejler Bille, Sonja Ferlov, Henry Heerup, Egill Jacobsen, Robert Jacobsen, Asger Jorn, Erik Ortvad, Carl-Henning Pedersen.

    Others: Karl Otto Gotz (DE), Jean-Michel Atlan (FR), Jacques Doucet (FR), Stephen Gilbert (UK) Anneliese Hager (DE), William Gear (UK), Madeleine Szemere Kemeny (HON), Ernest Mancoba (ZA), Anders Osterlin (SE)

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    CoBrA Special